WYSIWYG- 9″ Espada series with abalone: “Prosperity”-Cherry blossoms over running water


Holiday builds 2023
Every year I try to complete some very special lures for the holidays.  Some of these designs are started mid year and involves a lot of preparation from start to finish.  Once the “prep” work is done, I am able to paint and complete them at my  pace rather than trying to rush the whole process to make a deadline.

The “Prosperity” design was originally inspired by Japanese washi paper.   I started painting this motif back in 2012/13 and have continued the StrategicAngler tradition of trying to make at least a dozen a year.  Due to the painstaking process that involves dipping a skewer in paint and applying each dot individually (for cherry blossoms), I am not able to create these patterns on a large scale.  Each one of these prosperity designs are unique as they are all hand painted individually and actual work time can vary from 5 hours to as much as 30 hours.

2023 ‘Prosperity’ build quantities:
9″ Espada series (black and red abalone): 2 pieces with cherry blossoms
8″ Frantic series (black abalone): 2 pieces with cherry blossoms
5″ Proteus130 (black abalone):  3 pieces with cherry blossoms
5″ Proteus130 (black abalone):  2 pieces with purple hibiscus

*please note, once an item is sold it may no longer be displayed on the website, stand sold separately

*3/4 abalone coverage*

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