WYSIWYG- 3″ Proteus80 with abalone inlay: Ogon and Tancho under cherry blossoms (spring motif)


Holiday builds 2023
Every year I try to complete some very special lures for the holidays.  Some of these designs are started mid year and involves a lot of preparation from start to finish.  Once the “prep” work is done, I am able to paint and complete them at my  pace rather than trying to rush the whole process to make a deadline.   With multiple layers and different variations of Nishikigoi (koi), no two of these koi pieces are ever alike.

Nishikigoi and Sakura.
Ogon and Tancho koi under cherry blossoms.

2023 Nishikigoi build quantities:
12″ Kratos: 4
5″ Proteus130: 5
4″ Proteus100: 3
3″ Proteus80: 5 pieces


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