Limited One time run, signed and numbered giclee print of the original artwork:  “Hawaii”
21 mil (310g) premium heavy weight archival giclee print.  Signed and dated 2020.

The original painting was started in February and completed in June 2020 for a Hawaiian wedding centerpiece.  This scene depicts several indigenous species of fish from Hawaii, most of which I currently paint on my lures. . . .

There are a tons of details in this painting, most of which I have put on canvas inspired from my live coral reefkeeping days and Bachelor’s degree in Marine biology.  A lone humuhumunukunukuapua’a (reef triggerfish), Hawaii’s state fish proudly keeps watch over its territory.

Hi resolution pictures are located in the thumbnails as well as a few progression pics (iPhone) for reference, I recommend a lighter or rustic frame (not included) to make this painting a masterpiece for your living area!

*24×18 print will be shipped in a 4″ diameter tube, please open the package and let rest on a flat surface as soon as it arrives, the smaller print may be shipped via flat rate envelope or tube.

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